Monday, November 16, 2015

Mother Russia Bleeds

Mother Russia Bleeds is an upcoming Beat ‘Em Up co-operation game set in U.S.S.R, although in an alternate reality. The game itself is packed with gore, violence, decadence, and all sorts of vices. The story is focused on a drug addicted group of hardened street fighters who must find a way to escape from imprisonment
, by any means necessary. You can choose to fight either solo or side-by-side with your comrades, as Mother Russia Bleeds offers both local and online gameplay, with an awesome campaign story, and wide array of game modes, challenges, etc.

Struggle Without Mercy: Get yourself together, keep a stiff upper lip, and carve your way through criminals, drug lords and other low-lives from the worst and weirdest parts of a human society.

Decadence and Vices: As you progress through the game, you will experience a wide range of locations, from filthy dungeons and sewers, twisted laboratories, to jails and nightclubs and drug induced psychedelic trips.

Compelling Opiates in Mother Russia Bleeds: Succumb to the effects of the drugs, and boost yourself with skull crushing, spine breaking, flesh ripping berserker rage. If you urge for another fix, take out your loyal syringe, push a needle into the dead enemies’ convulsing corpses and get the precious forbidden substance you crave.

Violent and Brutal Game Modes: Crash a skull, stab, break bones, tear flesh from your foes by beating through various modes, The Classic Arcade – story mode, The Brutal Survival, and the toughest one, Boss Rush mode.

Mother Russia Bleeds Online Co-Op: Pick up to four friends, or just by yourself, prepare, and go for a tumble and rumble, locally or online.

This game is going to give you and your friends an awesome gaming experience, bringing back memories of the classic Sega Beat ‘Em Up games, like Streets of Rage, Renegade, Double Dragon, Street Fighter, and others.